Quality Driving Lessons Sydney

Our Services

The Hills Driving School provides professional driving lessons in The Hills, Hawkesbury & Surrounding Areas.  We specialise in assisting you to:

  • Obtain your Provisional Drivers Licence 
  • Brush up on your driving skills - focused training in reverse parking, driving a manual car, roundabouts, driving in peak hour traffic, hill starts and lots more
  • Learn to drive a Manual or Automatic car 
  • Converting an International Licence
  • Older Driver refresher courses and RMS assessments

Our cars have dual controls and you can choose either Manual or Automatic; or you can use your own car provided it has full comprehensive insurance and it is roadworthy.


Learning to drive for the first time 

At your first driving lesson, there will be a little bit of paperwork to fill in and we will ask you a few questions about your driving experience to date. This helps us to work out what you know already and what we need to teach you so we don’t waste time later on. The first lesson is also about allowing you time to get familiar with the car. How to use the controls inside and outside of the vehicle and also how to drive it safely as every car is different.

After your first driving lesson, we will give you feedback on your current driving skills. This will include where your driving strengths are and we will discuss a plan to help improve your driving skills in specific areas that you require more practice in – ultimately preparing you to successfully pass your driving test. We will always be honest with you and never lead you astray. It’s important you also give us feedback on your learning experience too. So if you want more practice in a particular area or are not happy with something then please let us know. Learning how to drive safely only happens if there is open communication!

Each driving lesson will build on the next and these will be tailored to your needs. No two learning pathways for every student will be the same. Some take no time at all to master the skills of driving and others need a little more time and driving practice, and this is ok! You will not be forced to go for your driving examination with the RMS until you are 100% confident.

For each driving lesson, you should ensure you always have your Learners Drivers Licence and RMS log book with you. As we are professional driving instuctors, for every hour driving lesson you have with us, you will obtain 3 log book hours. This means you can achieve your hours quicker and learn best practice driving skills at the same time. Check out our Package Deals which allows you to obtain up to 30 log book hours with us in just 10 driving lessons.

For more information on the RMS process for obtaining a Learners Drivers Licence, Provisional P1 Drivers Licence and Provisional P2 Drivers Licence, please click here to be directed to the RMS website. There are also helpful downloads on the road rules and practice test questions to help you achieve your drivers licence.